The 7 Biggest Pitfalls and Traps People in

Business Fall into Regarding the Internet.

Identity theft is on the rise, not just locally but globally, however it is my sincere belief that more identity loss takes place by people giving their information away without thinking.  This is done by providing information to virtually anyone who asks for it.  Understand that there is no differentiation between you and your business on the internet.  One often leads to the other and therein lies the problem for most people.  Just “Google” both and you will see.

The first pitfall in using the internet is, believing it to be private and only people that can see what you are doing are those whom you intended to see it.
The second pitfall is never changing passwords, or using the same password for every on-line service.  Once someone figures out your password they will have access to everything.
The third pitfall is answering emails that request personal information.  Some ask for email addresses, passwords, PIN’s, and log-in names, along with names, addresses, telephone numbers and more.  These can be requests of all sorts, notices of contest or lottery wins, inheritance notices or much more.  They often appear to be from banks or companies that you already deal with.
The fourth pitfall is providing too much personal information on social media sites.  This is the greatest source of information for unscrupulous people to freely use for their own purposes… without your permission.  Definitely do not post birth dates, family pictures and other resume information.  Make these sites, especially fan pages, about your business nd what you do, not about you.
The fifth pitfall is sending out emails that others have forwarded on to you.  Too often people do not eliminate the email addresses of who has been sent the email along with them.  Often these messages are used primarily to collect email addresses.  Some of the jokes, cute pictures, or other things sent out rely on your social conscience.  Often they are used as a vehicle for malware and to insert other malicious activity into your computer.
The sixth pitfall people make is browsing through websites where they have no idea as to their legitimacy.  There are tens of thousands of fake sites, often asking you for information.
The seventh is falling into the trap of pop-ups. They often contain a free give-away or so called contest wins.  Sometimes it may appear that the only way out is to fill in the requested information.  It appears to be an advertisement, but it may not be.
These pitfalls are only seven of many.  Remember that your business websites are a reflection of you and your business.  It is your business image and once it is out there, it is on permanent record.  My purpose of providing these tips is to have you simply use them as an introduction to a world (internet) that we, too often explore blindly.  Sometimes, the doors we open can never be closed, so therefore it is important to know where we are going.