ADVOCACY related to BC Vehicle Registration changes needed

(Updated – November 6th, 2012)

Note – As per the previous report, the information contained in this report is based on analyzing the information taken from the various Police websites (their crime statistics section)   For the purposes of this report information is referring to the time between April to September of 2012

The conclusion is that there is virtually no difference from the findings of the last report.

The numbers and facts change slightly from month to month and are predictible based on the historical record.

This highlights the following points to consider:

·         The statistics and data collected clearly show that ranging from 25% to 66% (depending on the localized area considered) of all property crime is from the category of “Theft FROM Auto”.

·         The Bait Car program shows that the # 6 item stolen from vehicles is the vehicle Registration and the #7 item is the garage door opener.

·         The teaching of what an individual can do as offered by various police departments and related associations is different.

·         According to ICBC, there is a discrepancy in content between the regulations concerning vehicle registration and the BC Motor Vehicle Act – which leaves the conclusion of law enforcement to the discretion of the officer on site.

Further to this:

·         After meeting with department Managers at ICBC, who recognize the problem and agree there needs to be change, acknowledge that any change can only take place after 2015.

Therefore, it brings forward to follow impact questions:

·         If the governing body recognizes that there is a problem and fails to make the required changes that could effectively impact the frequency of the crime in a positive way, does this make that body responsible for the losses incurred due to the problem not being dealt with?

·         How many residential break-ins are a result of the perpetrator having access to the home by obtaing the garage door opener which acts as the key to the home?

·         Should this be a matter taken to the people of this province by way of media to demand that this become an election issue within the 2013 spring election?

respectfully submitted: George Greenwood