Media Coverage

I am honoured and appreciative of every news article and interview:

There are insertions that are yet to be posted.




October 1st, 2010          
ShawTV – Lethbridge   interviewed by Sheila Nykwist

May 16, 2010                 
JOY-TV – “P3: People Place & Perspectives” with Randall Mark 

February 12, 2009         
DCC – Delta Community Cable   
1 hour interview – “On the Line Live”

October 9, 2008            
CKPG – TV Prince George         
6:00 pm News

December 11, 2007       
CityTV – Breakfast Television     
Interviewed by Simi Sara live




August 25, 2012
AM650 – The Real Estate Show with Tom Lucas
Mortgage Fraud and related crimes.

October 6, 2010
The Bridge – Nelson, BC – Karly Wylde

October 5, 2010
KBS Kootenay – Wayne & Jane Show

March 24, 2010              
CBC National                     
interviewed by Dominique

January 13, 2010           
CBC Early Edition with Rene    
Re: New Law 

November 20, 2009      
CBC Early Edition             
featuring Alicia & Ryan on air

April 3, 3009               
C-FUN Radio, Vancouver       
Nik and Marke Show –   
Discussed the proposed New legislation on identity theft with Nikki and Marke

February 24, 2009       
C-FUN Radio, Vancouver       
Nik and Marke show 
On-air conversation with Marke Driesshen and Kate Gajdosik

November 19, 2008     
C-FUN Radio, Vancouver        
Nik and Marke show 
As shown on CFUN’s website – George Greenwood always has some very practical tips on how to protect your ID. Check out his website

October 9, 2008          
Wolf-fm Prince George

June 9, 2008               
CKSA-fm, Lloydminster          
interviewed live on “Lloyd in the morning” with Kurt Price

May 25-29, 08             
Various interviews from Okanagan radio while on tour

May 22, 2008               
CFUN Radio, Vancouver         
Nik & Val Show

May 20, 2008               
CHNL Radio, Kamloops          
Interviewed by news department 

May 19, 2008               
CKNW Radio, Vancouver       
Interviewed and phone calls live with Bill Good

May 13, 2008               
CFAX Radio, Victoria             
Joe Easington show interview with Stephen Andrew

May 12, 2008               
CFAX Radio, Victoria             
interview with Murray Landon

April 28, 2008               
CFUN Radio, Vancouver         
Nik & Val Show

February 29, 2008         
CBC Radio – BC Almanac       
interviewed live “How to get your id back”

February 29, 2008         
News1130 Radio, Vancouver   
interviewed for sound bites to be included throughout Saturday March 1 show

November 20, 2007       
CBC – BC Almanac          
Interviewed by Mark Forsythe and talk show 

October 24, 2007         
Star-fm Radio – Interview

Nik & Val Show            
CFUN Radio    
Interviewed on air 5 times in 2007

September, 2007          
Interviewed and Quoted on News 1130 Radio –




March 18, 2012
South Delta Leader
“Identity protection advocate to speak in Ladner”

March 19, 2012
Delta Optimist
“Fraud talk in Ladner later this week”

March 21, 2012
Delta Optimist
“Fraud talk in Ladner tomorrow”

March 7, 2011
Calgary and Surrey Beacon
“Identity thieves use their own recycling program”

March,4  2011
Langley Advance
“Identity Safeguards”

Feb 27, 2011
Calgary and Surrey Beacon
“Identity Theft is now a crime – Protect yourself”

October 7, 2010           
Trail Daily Times            
“Expert presenting tips on Avoiding identity theft” – on front page

October 4, 2010          
Letbridge Herald             
“Silver platter for thieves” – on front page

April 21, 2010              
Langley Times                 
“Seminar set for Thursday”

July 11, 2009                
Burnaby News Leader           
” It can’t happen to me”

November 20, 2009     
Langley Times                      
“ID thief & victim to share their stories”

November, 2009          
Business in Surrey                 
“Identity theft is now a crime in Canada”

February 25, 2009      
The Now (Coq, Poco)             
“Free talk on identity theft in Coquitlam”

February 10, 2009      
Langley Advance                  
“What if your name was stolen?”

January, 2009             
Business in Surrey               
“The Four Cultures of ID Theft in Business” 

January 23, 2009        
Langley Times                      
“Seminar was an eye-opener”

January 16, 2009        
Langley Times                      
“Mail Theft is on the rise” and “Seminar teaches prevention”

January, 2009              
Langley Advance                  
“Seminar offers prevention ideas”

September, 2008        
Senior’s Living Magazine        
“Identity Theft: In Your Good Name”

July, 2008                  
Business in Surrey                
“ID Protection in the Workplace”

June 5, 2008               
Red Deer Advocate, Red Deer, Alberta 
“How to protect our identity”

May 25-29, 08             
Various interviews from Okanagan Newspapers while on tour

May 25, 2008              
The Morning Star, Vernon       
“Identity theft on the rise” 

May 21, 2008               
Lake Country Calendar, Winfield, BC  
“Risk of identity theft can and needs to be lowered”

March, 2008                 
Business in Surrey                 
“How secure is your ID?” 

February 29, 2008         
Vancouver Sun                       
“Thieves after more than your credit card”  and “Restoring your name can be expensive”

January 23, 2008          
North Shore News                 
“Talk addresses identity theft” article 

November issue, 2007   
Business Examiner         
“REAL STEAL – Author urges governments to do more to prevent ID theft”

October 24, 2007         
Abbotsford News             
“Identity Theft – Reduce Risks”

September 28, 2007     
Vancouver Province          
“It’s worse than people think”

Septembr 28, 2007       
Victoria Times Colonist     
“It’s worse than people think”

September 18, 2007     
Surrey Now                      
“Shredathon at ID-theft event”

August 24, 2007          
Langley Times            
“Who’s using you?” 

November 14, 2006      
Langley Advance              
“Thieves stealing names and lives” 

October 20, 2006         
Chilliwack Times              
“Seeking a high-tech answer – more laws might not be the answer to identity theft crisis”  

October 17, 2006         
Chilliwack Times             
“Vishing it wasn’t possible”

September 08, 2006     
Langley Times                 
“Seminar targets identity theft”

September, 2006          
Today’s Senior                
“It’s the Crime of the Century” 

August 24, 2006           
Aldergrove Star                
“Vishing is the latest ID theft scam”

March 21, 2006            
Abbotsford News             
“Protecting Identity requires public vigilance, awareness”

March 11, 2006           
Abbotsford News              
“Of phishing, pharming and shoulder surfing”

January 25, 2006         
Langley Times                 
“Serminar will examine identity theft”