As an author …    of three books on the subject, George has written “In Your Good Name” – This is a full digest about identity theft from a Canadian perspective, as well as “Confessions of an Identity Thief” which chronicles the emotions and experiences of a convicted identity thief and “Memories of a Stolen Life” which chronicles the never-ending experiences of an actual victim. These were originally published under the name “Stolen Lives”. 

There are other book projects under way currently.


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No one in this country is immune from ID theft. “IN YOUR GOOD NAME” will show you what ID theft is, what thieves look for and how they obtain it. What misconceptions people. It is up to you to reduce your risk and lower your vulnerability. yet while 2 out of 3 Canadians are concerned about ID theft – but very few would know what to do or who to call if it happened to them. This book was responsible for starting the process which resulted in the bill “S-4” being presented in Parliament and received Royal Ascent to become a part of the Criminal Code of Canada’s definition and law regarding identity theft and identity fraud. 

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IN YOUR GOOD NAME” shows Canadian solutions to Canadian problems. Most people believe they are safe just because they are careful. 

You will learn: What’s in a name? Especially when it is yours! What are the various keys that open your castle doors: Social Insurance, Driver’s licence, credit cards, bank debit cards, your medical files and your own reputation? Also what I call your “Personal DNA” [Data Now Available]. How easy is it to breed your identity? What do dumpster diving, info mining, pre-texting, ghosting, phishing, pharming, and more imagined acts? What do mail theft, computer fraud, and internet scams have in common? Are they seniors, students, children, other adults, or even those with special needs the best targets? Is your business vulnerable? Are you responsible for what might occur? What federal or provincial laws are in place to protect or assist you? It’s not about being safe, it is about being aware, knowledgeable and prepared.

You will have: The largest and most concise list of tips and suggestions you will find ANYWHERE.

IN YOUR GOOD NAME” is your road map to attract the reduction of risk. You will gain knowledge of what you do that you shouldn’t, what techniques you can master, and how you can recognize (and reduce) your own vulnerability. You will be: Better prepared and more aware in order to recognise safer and more secure arenas within your lifestyle. It is to have you find and change your bad habits. Understand what is being done about this horrific crime, as well as what yet needs to be done – and by whom.

Change your basic habits and you will be at less risk. This book will show you how.