I, or any one directly associated with this information as supplied in any of our seminars or training programs, this website, or books we have published or had published, take no responsibility for anything happening to any reader or anyone attending. This includes anyone: you, your family or your business. This also includes your accounts of any kind or anything and everything that may occur on or to your computer. 
The purpose of this information or training session and any or all of the information contained or received because of either, is purely to make you aware and to have you think about your own circumstances and your own responsibility. In short, it is designed to provide enough information to elevate your awareness and to make you think. It is not intended to be legal or professional advice. For that we recommend you contact your own legal counsel, financial planner, insurance agent, mortgage broker, accountant or other professional deemed worthy of your individual situation. 
All seminars, including and not limited to: “Identity Alert”, “Front Line Access”, “Volunteer Victim”, “The Four (4) Cultures of Business”,”Stolen Lives: Don’t let it happen to you”, “In Your Good Name”, “It’s the Crime of the Century”, “It IS Your Business”, “Identity in the Marketplace/Workplace”, “Know Our/Your Neighbourhood”, “Are You the ONLY YOU there is?”, “Keeping the Gold in Your Golden Years” or “You are Never too Young”, and “The Trails of Hansel & Gretel” as well as the books “In Your Good Name”, “Memories of a Stolen Life”, “Confessions of an Identity Thief” and “Stolen Lives” are divisions of “Canadian Identity Resources Inc.”
At no time or place will any of the information gained from anyone due to their involvement in a seminar, workshop or consultation be used for anything other that purpose specified at the time it was obtained.  
At no time (ever) will the names, addresses, telephone (cellular or land-line), fax, e-mail, web-site, or any contact information provided to us at any “It’s the Crime of the Century” events be given, sold or distributed to anyone (individuals, association, or business of any kind) without written permission to do so.
In the interest of the privacy of those people providing the audience with their information or circumstances involved in discussion at any of our events, no one is allowed to record or film (in other words – collect data, audio or digital image) without written concent from all those involved including management of IDENTITY ALERT Seminars & Training and Canadian Identity Resources Inc.
At the beginning of all functions involving people’s stories and circumstances, it is always made clear from the front of the room that all stories and situations can be openly discussed outside and after the event, but at no time is an individual or family name to be associated with that supplied information.
As always, it is the intention of this organization to have those in attendance and participating in these events to feel comfortable knowing that they are safe, secure and satisfied that others will honour this policy.
It is one thing to talk abour someone else, but what if that someone else was you?
How would ou feel if your name was coffee break discussion material?