FAQs – RFID Sleeves & Envelopes


What is RFID?

RFID, or radio frequency identification, is the technology that lets you simply wave your credit card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner instead of having to slide the magnetic stripe through it.

The electronic scanner sends a signal which is received by an antenna embedded into the card, which is connected to the card’s RFID chip, thus activating it.

The RFID chip in these cards emits all of the information, including the account number that is needed to complete a transaction.

Why is there a need for RFID shielding for credit cards?

About 100 million credit cards in North America now have RFID technology embedded into them. However, over the next two to three years, credit card issuers plan to replace every single magnetic stripe credit and debit card with a new contactless smartcard.

These cards can be read without even taking them out of your wallet. The RFID shielding technology in our ArmorShield™ card sleeves blocks this transmission from happening as long as the card is inside the sleeve.

This technology will also be incorporated into Debit Cards and Passports in Canada.


What is skimming?

Skimming is the process where “thieves” record your personal information from your card without your knowledge.

This technology is relatively easy to acquire and is so unobtrusive, you would never know it has happened.

What is ArmorShield™?

Exclusive to our supplier, ArmorShield™ is a unique material used to make our Secure Sleeve™ which protects smart cards and contactless cards from being read without your knowledge.

ArmorShield™ is durable and resistant to tears, punctures, moisture and chemicals, and provides shielding for ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen 1/Gen 2 contactless smart card and any contactless card that operates at 13.56 MHz and above.

Secure Sleeve™ effectively blocks the ability to read a RFID encoded card. The Secure Sleeve™ made from ArmorShield™ is FIPS 201 approved by the U.S. Government as an electromagnetically opaque shield.

It is also used by NEXUS and the BC Motor Vehicle enhanced driver’s licences.

How does Tyvek® protect my credit card?

Tyvek® is ideal for cards with magnetic stripes as they provide a low abrasive surface for the cards.


Tyvek® is also extremely durable, tear resistant, and water resistant which makes this an excellent substrate for card storage.

When is it best to use ArmorShield™, Tyvek®, or paper for card sleeves?

1.    Our Secure Sleeve™ made from ArmorShield™ is best used for applications 
to protect the data on smart or contactless cards, passports and enhanced 
drivers licenses.


2.    Tyvek® is ideal for longterm use of cards such as credit cards, ATM/debit 
cards or loyalty cards which do not contain an RFID embedded chip. 
Tyvek® is durable, tear resistant, light weight and water resistant.

3.    Paper is an ideal material for short term use cards such as hotel key 
cards and gift cards where the card will be used and the sleeve will not 
be used again.

How do I protect the magnetic stripe on my credit card / access card?

Tyvek® provides excellent protection for the magnetic stripe on credit cards, ATM/debit cards, and campus access cards.

The properties of Tyvek® protect the strip from scratching and wear. 

  • Our flexibility and product quality, along with our expertise in converting a variety of specialty materials like Tyvek® into a multitude of products has earned us repeat customers from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations alike.

Specialty / Expertise Areas

  • Tyvek conversion 
  • Outside seams (for auto insertion)
  • Envelopes for RFID cards, credit cards, CD/DVDs, archival storage, microfiche, etc.
  • Special flap features of latex, Strip & Seal, mounting tape, seam gum, etc
  • Converting printed sheets or special materials into envelopes 
  • Flexibility for any custom requirements

Note – pricing is set by establishing the combination of all of the variables



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