As a speakersince 2005 George has spoken to a wide variety of groups, large and small. These include a range of events from convention keynote speeches to facilitating local community seminars and workshops.

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Whether these programs are set for the General Public, Chamber of Commerce Luncheon or Breakfast presentations, Civic Club or Church Group talks, High School Classes or Community Policing Forums, George is pleased to deliver the message that all people can and need to learn more about this run-away-train non-violent crime, known as identity theft.

George has spoken across the country on these issues as the corporate conference keynote, as well as a variety of police and public safety events, a variety of workshops, financial training programs for organisations such as Advocis and various insurance and real estate companies.

Every speaking event, no matter whether it is totally a spoken word talk or if it is to include either a power point or multi-media presentation – there are no “canned” presentations – they are always customised to suit your specific audience.