“KEEPING IDENTITY SAFE” Seminars & Training offers a community focused educational seminar series designed to raise awareness of the average members of society, as well as the elite business minded members of a community. 

The KEEPING IDENTITY SAFE seminars are designed to reduce a persons risk and decrease their vulnerability from a crime that now has affected at least 1 in 6 families in our country. 

 KEEPING IDENTITY SAFE event is custom designed to cater to the audience and their specific knowledge needs. 


All of our programs are customized to suit your specific audience 
and are facilitated by George Greenwood

Below you will see the following catagories:
Speaking (seminars and workshops) and Consulting Services

Each program can be presented in a Keynote format.
Fees may vary


“KEEPING Your IDENTITY SAFE: I Never Thought of That!”         (60 to 90 minutes)
The base program to serve as an introduction to identity theft and the need to raise awareness and knowledge about the crime. This program is only presented as the base of the more detailed “Keeping Identity Safe Acagemy”. 

“FRONT LINE ACCESS”                                                       (60 to 90 minutes)
A non-structured interactive program with a 15 to 20 minute introduction of what identity theft is and the rest of the program is answering open questions from the audience.  This program provides the information that the audience wants to know.  No two presentations will be the same.

“STOLEN LIVES: Don’t Let it Happen to You!”                     (2 to 2.5 hours)
Based on the content of the book “STOLEN LIVES”.  This program reflects on the real life perspectives of a victim and a former thief.  This program will provide an understanding of why identity theft is so real.  Optional guests (as featured in the book): Alicia McAteer, the former victim and Ryan Michaels, the former convicted identity thief.  
“IN YOUR GOOD NAME”                                                     (45 minutes to 3 hours)
This is our premium presentation.  The program takes the audience from the introduction of identity theft to how we can all reduce our risk and decrease our vulnerability by implementing a number of tips and habit changes that were originally presented in the book “In Your Good Name”.  This program will be custom tailored to suit the purpose, audience and allotted time frame.

“Keeping the GOLD in YOUR Golden Years”                        (45 to 90 minutes)
A program specifically designed to educate elderly people.  The content is based on the needs of the older audience.  It is what this specific group needs to know in order to provide the peace of mind that only knowledge can bring.  Ideal for Retirees, Senior associations, clubs and senior’s church groups. Identity theft is a form of elder abuse.

“YOU’RE NEVER TOO YOUNG”                                              (45 to 90 minutes)
A program specifically designed to educate the young adult, student and teen market. The content is based on the needs of the young audience.  Ideal for high schools classes and youth groups. The youth market is the number one target group for identity theft. 

“IDENTITY THEFT: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU”                        (1 to 3 hours)
The original of the presentations. It outlines the basics of what identity theft is, what information the thief wants, how the thief obtains your information, what the thief can do with your information and what you can do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim, as well as what you need to do if you have become a victim.

“Know Our/Your Neighbourhood”                                                       (45 to 90 minutes)
This program is currently being developed

“Are You the ONLY YOU there is?”                                                     (45 to 90 minutes)
This program is currently being developed

“The TRAILS of HANSEL & GRETEL”                                     (45 to 90 minutes) 
A program specifically designed for RVer’s.  Recreational vehicle travelers tend to leave a trail of their information along the trail.  This program not only exposes this thoughtlessness, but shows how to implement a series of habit changes designed to provide better security and peace of mind will travelling.  As an RVer, we are able to provide this information first hand.

“The VOLUNTEER VICTIM”                                                    (20 to 45 minutes)
A program designed to show the psychology of why we as people refuse to accept the changes required to recognize identity theft as a real concern in our personal lives and how it effects us, our families and our businesses. The real question addressed is “What change of habit is required 

as well as…
“MEMORIES of a STOLEN LIFE”                                            (30 to 60 minutes)
A presentation featuring Alicia McAteer herself.  It is about the personal experiences of a victim, all beginning from the innocence of an evening bowling with her friends.  It is about how her life changed after her purse was stolen and the identity contents were used by someone else.  

“Confessions of an Identity Thief”                                         (30 to 60 minutes)
A presentation featuring Ryan Michaels himself.  It is about the personal experiences of a former identity thief that was convicted of multiple chages and arrested numerous times.  It is about his experience and how his life was influenced towards the world of crime.  It is also contains a number of points a person needs to impliment in order to avoid having what he did – happen to you.