“IDentity in the Marketplace” or (Half or full business day)
“IDentity in the Workplace”
Only available in a business workshop format with a classroom room setting, this program will examine what a thief can do to your business and what education is required for management and employees to reduce the risk of victimization. The distinction of workplace or marketplace depends on whether the attendees are from an office or retail environment.

“It IS Your Business”
This program is currently being developed

“The Four (4) Cultures of Business” (1 to 3 hours)
A presentation or workshop build on these four questions…
What if the business was a victim, how would it affect the owner?
What if the owner was a victim, how would it affect the business?
How would the business (or the owner) be affected if an employee became a victim?
How would a business be affected if a customer became a victim and is was made to look like the business was responsible?

“What a Realtor Needs to Know about Identity Theft”

“What You Need to Know about Identity in Today’s Complicated Financial World”