Be honest with yourself because if you are not, it is only yourself that is being fooled.  This quiz has a purpose.  It is to show that, like any crime, Identity Theft happens when temptation and greed meet opportunity that is provided with an action. Take out any part of this formula and you alter the result making you a victim.

You may not be able to eliminate the problem, but you certainly have the responsibility to reduce the risk.  Reduce the risk and you systematically reduce the chances of being a target because you have reduced the thief’s opportunity or you may have made the action harder for the thief to perform.  Who, like water, will search the path of least resistance.  The purpose of this exercise is to teach you how NOT to have your identity on that path in the first place.

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STOP!… giving your information to a thief



Imagine being arrested!

…because of what someone did in your good name

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I provide my Social Insurance Number …

a)    For general identification                

b)    To be engraved on the back of possessions

c)    Only for tracking income or qualifying for government programs

d)    Whenever I am asked for it


At this moment, where is my Social Insurance card?

a)    In my wallet or purse                         

b)    In my car                                                 

c)    In a secure location at home

d)    In my bank’s safety deposit box


My Passport is…

a)    Somewhere at home        

b)    Not sure where it is        

c)    Kept in the car    

d)    Kept in my Day Planner    

e)    In a safety deposit box   



How do I receive my mail?

a)    Unlocked mailbox in front of my home         

b)    In a locked mailbox                                                 

c)    Through a slot in the front door                          

d)    In a rented mail box


When do I pick up my mail?

a)    Immediately after delivery     

b)    When I think of it                                                  

c)    After work each day                 

d)    Once per week


How do I receive my statements and bills or receive cheques?

a)    By mail                                             

b)    By e-mail                                                                     

c)    Pick them up/pay at source              

d)    Arranged for direct debit/deposit



CHEQUES/CHECKS and BANKING                                                                                                         


My personal cheques…

a)    Have my full name, home address and home telephone number         

b)    Have only my first initial and last name, as well as my cell-phone number                                                 

c)    Are old and I am using them before ordering a new batch


My new personal preprinted cheques…

a)  Are mailed to my home address              

b)   Are picked up at my financial institution 


When writing cheques, I use…

a)    Any pen that’s handy                        

b)    A Gel pen                    

c)    A pencil                                

d)    A computer’s printer            

e)    An old typewriter





My PIN is…

a)      Memorized, private and never shared           

b)      Written in my Daybook                                                

c)      Part of my phone Number or address           

d)      On the back of the card

I change my PIN…

a)      Annually         

b)      When I think of it        

c)       Monthly                                 

d)       Before or after major trips/events                   

e)      When I feel at risk


My debit card accesses or is linked to…

a)      All of my bank accounts and credit cards     

b)      Only one account                                                 

c)      My chequing and saving accounts                    


I have provided my debit card and PIN to another person because it was not convenient for me or I was too busy to use it                 




I never let my credit card out of my sight                       




How many credit cards do I carry with me?

a)       All of them                            

b)      Just the ones I need that day  


When I am not carrying my credit cards, they are…

a)       Locked in a safe place               

b)       Loose in a drawer at home                     

c)       In my car        

d)      On a counter at home

e)      At work  


When using my credit card at a business or restaurant…

a)    I freely give it to a staff member to go process my purchase 

b)    I leave a signed receipt with my credit card info on the table        

c)     I go with my card to the front counter to watch the entire transaction

d)    After the transaction I verify that the returned card is actually my own.






My storage of information or data is backed up on…

a)    The hard drive                      

b)    A memory stick/zip drive              

c)    A CD                                

d)    A remote secure server                 e)  An external hard-drive                                  

e)    Actually, I don’t bother to back-up anything


 I update my computer’s virus protection…

a)    Daily            

b)    Weekly             

c)    Monthly       

d)    Annually                

e)    Never, it is too much trouble         

f)     It is set to be automatically updated


When registering for various sites, such as e-cards, information sites, clubs, or organizations, I

a)    Provide all what is asked for              

b)    Fill out only required fields

c)    Use an alias                                 

d)    Never register for anything on-line


When I receive pop-up solicitations for free stuff or “good deals”, I…

a)    Block all pop-ups       

b)    Get curious and need to check into it                                                 

c)    Sign up for it, after all, it’s free           

d)    Get annoyed and frustrated


My computer is equipped with a video-cam

a)    That I leave on 24/7  

b)    Only have it on when I choose to use it                                                 

c)    Have a cover over when not using    

d)    Don’t worry about it


When I travel with my laptop in the car, I…

a)    Leave it on the seat    

b)    Lock it in the trunk                                                 

c)    Carry it with me so it is not left in the car   

d)    Put it in the trunk before I leave the last stop so it cannot be observed going into the trunk where I park





I know that all my e-mails are totally safe and secure              




When I receive an e-mail notifying me that I have won a major cash prize or that I have been located as an heir to a major estate, I…

a)    Get excited and answer immediately                

b)    Delete it immediately                                                 

c)    Supply the information requested                        

d)    Believe it could happen


When I receive an e-mail notifying me that there is a problem with my bank account,

a)    I delete it immediately                               

b)    I follow the instructions provided                                                 

c)    I know the bank would never e-mail me           

d)    I do nothing


When receiving forwarded e-mails/jokes/cute photos from friends, I…

a)       Forward to other friends

b)       Open & enjoy while doing what it says to do                                                 

c)       Delete without opening            

d)       Block the sender from sending more to me


I use e-mails to…

a)    Send confidential information                 

b)    To save time in communicating                                                

c)    Send letters instantly       

d)    Keep a record of what I send or receive





I have opened a new social networking site

a)    I only supply the required info 

b)    I fill in all the questions asked               

c)   I post real birthdates, full home address and photos of family & friends


I use u-tube and blogs to…

a)    Promote my business                      

b)    Pass valuable information to others                                                 

c)    Post videos of myself, family or friends in humorous situations                           

d)    Promote my own self-esteem


I use social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Classmates, or others to…

a)   To keep in touch with friends            

b)   Post pictures of everything I do                                                 

c)   Network my business                            

d)   Link in with other social media sites





My passwords are…

a)   A combination of letters and numbers          

b)   At least 7 characters long                                                 

c)   Not words found in a dictionary                        

d)   Not important to me         

e)   All my passwords are the same                    

f)    Kept secret and private





My passwords are changed…

a)   Regularly      

b)   Monthly      

c)   When I think of it      

d)   I don’t change them


My passwords are stored…

a)   On a post-it note on the computer     

b)   in my wallet/daybook                                                 

c)   In my memory                

d)   In my cellphone/blackberry      

e)   Ask a friend





My financial records are kept (before taking to an accountant)…

a)   At home in a cardboard box 

b)   In a pile on my desk   

c)   In a desk drawer                                         

d)   In a locked file cabinet             

e)   Scattered between the car, home & office  


I am notified about an investment that seems too good to be true, so I…

a)   Jump on the idea   

b)   Say no   

c)   Hesitate to see what happens to others                                                                  

d)   Do the research and discuss it with professionals    





I own my home free and clear with no mortgage, therefore I am not at risk of mortgage fraud.




I should look at my Land Titles file annually to make sure everything is as it should be – and that there are no surprise liens against it.       




I have protective programs in place to safeguard against home loss or fraud, I…

a)    Have Title Insurance          

b)    Trust the “system”                                          

c)     Have a duplicate copy of my Land Title                                                        

d)     Have a Line of credit registered against the property                                    

e)     Have a mortgage registered against the property  





When I travel by air, I …

a)    Discard the boarding pass in the provided airport garbage receptacle           

b)    Use it as a magazine bookmark (and leave it in the seatback) 

c)    Take it home as a souvenir      

d)    Have it shredded at home or at a hotel


My Luggage tags have…

a)    My full name and home address          

b)    My business or work address

c)    My Cell phone and e-mail address       

d)    No information at all

e)    All my information concealed or facing into the bag





My need for recognition is higher than my willingness to protect my private information           Yes or No


If I lost my wallet, and it is returned to me, fully intact, I would…

a)    Contact the bank to assure nothing has been used

b)    Be thankful nothing happened 

c)    Call the emergency numbers of all my cards to request replacement cards with new numbers

d)    Notify motor vehicles that someone else may be using my D/L number


If my identity is compromised in any way, I will…

a)    Wait to see what becomes of it  

b)    Immediately file a police report 

c)    Call all companies and organizations involved

d)    Ask friends for advice     

e)    Involve professionals


Protecting my identity is the responsibility of… 

a)  The Police                               

b)  The Provincial Government                                       

c)  The Federal Government                       

d)  Solely my responsibility





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