Because we have dealt with the experiences, challenges  and victories of thousands of people, we can assist you – before, during and after becoming a victim of an identity thief…

…is to positively and directly impact the lives of One Million (1,000,000) Canadians  in order to show them that they canreduce their risk and decrease their vulnerability of identity abuse by taking a few steps towards change and better awareness. 

…is to raise the consciousness and awareness that identity theft is more about identity give-a-way because we tend to be too free with our information and that we all can change our habits in respect to our personal information, thus our informational security. In short, whether it is for our-selves, our families or our business, the protection and personal security of the information entrusted to us is our responsibility.

…is to have people realize that we all have three basic charactoristics that effect our very essence of who we are.  These are: 
       a) people do what people do  
       b) we don’t know what we don’t know, and 
       c) we cannot fix what we refuse to acknowledge. 

…is to have people feel comfortable about absolutely knowing and being able to say that …


…is the phone calls, the hand written notes or the emails thanking us for the assistance as they work their way out of their situations. What drives us is knowing that we have touched a life in a positive way.


…are that we have shared with thousands of people across Canada on how they can change some of their basic habits impacting their security and that of their families and their businesses. 

…have assited in changing the Canadian Criminal Code.  Section 402.1-5

We teach that “An informed Community is a Safer Community”.

George Greenwood 
Author, Speaker, Business Consultant and Identity Abuse Prevention Advocate 

DSC_5663As an author of three books on the subject, George has written “In Your Good Name” – A book about identity theft from a Canadian perspective, as well as “Confessions of an Identity Thief” which cronicles the emotions and experiences of a convicted identity thief and “Memories of a Stolen Life”which cronicles the neverending experiences of an actual victim.  These were originally published under the name “Stolen Lives”.  There are other book projects under way currently. 

As a speaker, since 2005 George has spoken to a wide variety of groups, large and small. These include a range of events from convention keynote speeches to facilitating local community seminars and workshops. Whether these programs are set for the General Public, Chamber of Commerce Luncheon or Breakfast presentations, Civic Club or Church Group talks, High School Classes or Community Policing Forums, 
George is pleased to deliver the message that all people can and need to learn more about this run-away-train non-violent crime, known as identity theft. George has spoken across the country on this issue and has also provided keynote talks for community police events, corporate conferences and financial training programs for groups such as Advocis and various insurance companies.

As an advocate, George has collaborated and worked with various Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce, including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to produce resolutions designed to lobby both the Provincial and Federal Governments into making legislative changes in law affecting people’s right and need for identity theft protection.. In this regard, George has met with many City Mayors, Provincial MLA’s and Federal Members of Parliament, including various Cabinet Ministers as well as many officials of law enforcement. George was invited to address and present a submission of recommended changes to the BC MLA review committee of the “Personal Information Protection Act” (PIPA).  George’s proudest moment was when Bill S-4  An Act to amend the Criminal Code of Canada (identity theft and related misconduct) received Royal Assent and includes much of the original wording from the resolution he wrote and submitted one year earlier.

For well over eight years George has studied, researched and gathered facts, stories and people’s personal experiences concerning identity theft. He has also marketed a service that provides identity theft restoration for existing clients of the program.  George has been certified as an Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist by the Institute of Fraud Risk Management and currently sits on the Surrey Board of Trade’s Crime and Justice Team. While writing, George has had extensive interviews with a former convicted identity thief, as well as many victims of such crimes, to get first hand knowledge of what can be done to individuals, families and businesses.   

As author, speaker and advocate, George has been well received by various media,
 whether it be in the format of newspaper articles, radio talkshows or news clips on both radio and television news.  See a listings on the MEDIA page.



As a business, the purpose of Canadian Identity Resources is to work with business owners and upper management to discover ways that their business is vulnerable to the potential abuses created by an identity thief. 

As the only company of its kind, Canadian Identity Resources is a pioneer in the field of identity theft and abuse prevention. It is primarily an educational company that works with clients to be better informed about this run-a-way growth phenomena called identity theft.  

Canadian Identity Resources provides business consultation designed to safeguard against identity abuse.  Our purpose is to investigate and uncover the vulnerabilities in business that ultimately are a threat to that business and to the people connected to it. Canadian Identitiy Resource’s procedures and programs were developed after years of focused research, professional certification and information gained through extensive interviews with a former convicted identity thief.   

“KEEPING IDENTITY SAFE” Seminars & Training offers a community focused educational seminar series designed to raise awareness of the average members of society, as well as the elite business minded members of a community. KYIS_logo 

The KEEPING IDENTITY SAFE seminars are designed to reduce a persons risk and decrease their vulnerability from a crime that now has affected at least 1 in 6 families in our country.  

Each KEEPING IDENTITY SAFE event is custom designed to cater to the audience and their specific knowledge needs. 

IDalertlogoIDENTITY ALERT is our alternate training vehicle which includes corporate training programs and referral networks to people who need assistance.

IDENTITY ALERT is also a vehicle for providing education to school age children through their schools and to Seniors through their various facilities.

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