Or is it an abuse?

Identity theft is…

the act of stealing or using your identity (or any personal information), without your knowledge or consent, to purchase goods or services or to commit fraud or other criminal acts in… YOUR GOOD NAME.

Sadly, most people are either misinformed or have a misconception as to what identity theft is what effects it can have on you, your family or your business.

Picture this…If identity theft was described as a board game with two people playing – one a thief and the other is you.  The only one playing to win would be the thief.  Truth is… you don’t even realize you are playing.  That is identity theft.



Answer this:
Do you know:

  • what thieves are looking for?
  • how thieves use your information?
  • what types of identity theft there are?
  • how little of your information is enough for a thief to get started “being you”?
  • how long it takes before you discover that you have become a victim?
  • how long it takes to repair the damage that a thief will do to your character, reputation and to your good name?
  • what steps to take if you have become a victim of identity abuse? Would you even know where to begin?

Are you the ONLY YOU there is?

  • If you had to… could you prove that you are “NOT YOU”?
  • Where does the responsibility of law enforcement, financial institutions and insurance end and your responsibility begin?
  • These are only a few points of what you will learn from our programs.

It is your responsibility to learn how to protect the identity of yourself, your family and your business!

Identity thieves may target:

  • Children and students
  • Seniors and elderly
  • Those with a disability
  • Deceased – young or old
  • Average people
  • Small or medium sized businesses
  • Data from large corporations

Did you know?

  • 85% of Canadian victims did not know until well after the act took place.
  • 72% of Canadians are concerned about identity theft – Are You?
  • between 82 and 95% of all cases ARE NOT REPORTED to proper authorities for various reasons.
  • 2/3rds of identity theft is not related to financial situations, such as the misuse of bank accounts or credit cards. Instead it is about the involvement of driver’s licences, social insurance numbers, medical files, insurance claims, passports, your child’s identity, or even the use of your good name and character. After all. it is called identity theft, therefore it is simply about the very theft of your identity. “Ghosting” and “Tombstoning” are ways of creating identities based on the information of people who have passed away. This, along with your current information can be used to create new identities that could even be used across the world while you are home sleeping. In short, it is a way to “clone” you for whatever the thief’s purpose is.

Remember – Most people are not aware of what ID theft can do to them or their family. Devastation is not only financial, but can also be emotional. Most people are totally unaware of the variety that an identity theft can take. Thus the reason for this website and the seminars, workshops and books that have come as a result of our teaching.

Often victims feel emotionally robbed of their dignity. It takes emotional tolls well beyond our normal understanding and comprehension. Some have even described it as being emotionally raped.

The most valuable tip of all…  is to not fall into the trap of believing that “You are safe, therefore, it can’t happen to you!”.

The truth is… No one is immune of identity theft, loss or abuse.

“An informed community is a safer community”